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Robin of Sherwood - The Return

Richard "Kip" Carpenter - 1929 - 2012

The Creator/writer of 'Robin of Sherwood', Richard Carpenter,
sadly passed away in February 2012.
Richard will be greatly missed... but never forgotten.


For several years there have been rumours of a return for
80's television series 'Robin of Sherwood'.
Unfortunately, attempts have so far failed....

Below is a recent interview with Clive Mantle (Little John)
Clive Mantle Interview Part 2 of 2: Robin of Sherwood and modern TV (mp3)

Robin of Sherwood, one of the landmark television series of the 80's,
is considered by many to be the definitive version of the
'Robin Hood' legend.
The series ran for three seasons and 26 episodes from
1983 until 1985.

Over the past few years attempts have been made to
revive the series but unfortunately failed.
In 2011...
a script had been written by Richard Carpenter
-Robin of Sherwood: 20 Years Later-
and plans were being made to bring back Robin of Sherwood...
Stansfilm were heading an attempt to bring this series
back to your screens...

We had enquired about the possibilites of an independently made film/pilot which could be considered on the condition that it could be made to
live up to the high standards of, and remain true to,
the original series.

Our part in this was to make it possible. If we could have made it possible then the reigns would've been handed over to whomever was chosen (possibly the original Crew) to shoot it.

This project (our attempt to bring back ROS) had the blessings and involvement of the original cast, all of whom were said to be
interested in a return...

We worked tirelessly in our efforts to bring together Actors,
Costumers, Locations, Film makers and much more...
As well as seeking funding for the possible film/series.
The interest and support has been incredible...

However despite all of this, it was not a guarantee of anything definite as ultimately the final decision belonged to Richard 'Kip' Carpenter
(who owns the rights).

(Below is a message from Mark Ryan - 'Nasir')

"I do think it's a wonderful idea.
As you may know there have been several attempts (one by Ray, Clive & myself)
to get a RoS TV/film off the ground over the years but with no success.
Recently most of the RoS cast agreed to support a new effort by the original producer:
Paul Knight but to no avail. I hope Stansfilm have more luck with their effort and I'm
willing to give the project my support. The real decision will reside with
Paul Knight and Kip Carpenter, as they hold the rights.
But let's give it a push and see what happens!
Nothing's forgotten". - Mark Ryan.

A short promotional film entitled 'Return to Sherwood' had been written
(Not by Richard Carpenter) in order to attract further interest to our cause.
This film would've been based on the Merry man character of 'Martin'
from the original first series. Actor 'Martin West' had
expressed an interest in reprising the role.

We hoped to fund the film via sites such as 'Kickstarter' and 'Indiegogo'.
However, we first needed the permission of Richard Carpenter
in order to do this. Sadly Richard passed away in 2012 and this
project was put on hold for a while out of respect to his family.

Richard's daughter later shared her thoughts on the possibility of a continuation...

"I applaud your enthusiasm and I am sure it could make a wonderful series,
but I think there are several issues which would make this very difficult to do.
Firstly, Robin Hood has been done to death and the recent BBC flop would only
deter potential investor from making another Robin Hood series. I think it
is very unlikely to get the original cast together, and you would need to employ a professional script writer and producer to create a completely new series rather than
a Robin of Sherwood continuation. This would involve a substantial investment
with no guarantee of the series going. My main concern is the idea of making the
series hand held for a few thousand dollars. This would not be my father's idea of
a Robin of Sherwood remake. It would have to be done properly or not at all.
The original series was beautifully shot and this paid a great deal to the success
of the series and I would resist any efforts to do it on the cheap.
I am sorry to sound so negative, but I know how hard it is to get a series
off the ground. There are several wonderful scripts my father wrote that never
made it to the screen and are just gathering dust in a filing cabinet. I am sure my
father would be happier to let it rest and let new talent bring new ideas into
production. I have copied this email to Paul Knight who I am sure would be in
agreement with me on this.
Don't get me wrong, I would love it to happen but I just don't see it being possible.
And I would be happy to see it made the same way, but that wouldn't be a cheap production and I don't think you'd get the cast back again.
But if you can see a way forward then great.
Sorry to sound so negative but I know that Catweazle, also written by my father,
has been on the cards for the last two years and still there are problems
getting the finance and I think it too will end up in the filing cabinet".

This particular project has since been closed, with no plan to continue.
However, Robin of Sherwood has more recently been continued as an
audio production under 'Spiteful Puppet'.
Find further info here...
Nothing's Forgotten.... Nothing is ever forgotten.












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